Logistics Readiness Center

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Provide installation logistics services to sustain unit readiness, ensure responsive force generation, and improve quality of life in our communities.

Main Office

  • Location: Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1023W

  • Phone: DSN 546-6002/6011
    Civ (0611) 143-546-6002/6011

  • Fax: DSN 337-5193
    Civ (0611) 705-5193

Plans and Operations

Serves as the primary staff element advising on logistical contingency operation, mobilizations, as well as war plans to support assigned and implied garrison support missions. Develops plans to support the indirect reporting garrisons' logistics execution. Develops basic logistical plans and appropriate annexes for USAG Wiesbaden OPORDs.

Participates in all phases of logistical financial planning, programming, and budgeting. Develops USAG Wiesbaden logistics budgetary guidance and monitors execution. Monitors reimbursements on all indirect reporting garrisons and USAG Wiesbaden DOL accounts.

Manages/Oversees all centralized QLOG requirements.

Monitors the Management Control Program and advises on corrective actions required

Plans and coordinates household goods storage, Privately Owned Vehicle storage, etc., during contingency operations and deployments

Creates, processes and tracks personnel actions, awards, and TDYs for all USAG Wiesbaden DOL personnel.

  • Phone: DSN 546-6010
    Civ (0611) 143-546-6010

    Email: usarmy.wiesbaden.405-afsb.list.dol-plans-and-ops@mail.mil

Supply and Services

Provides supply and services management expertise to the USAG Wiesbaden primary staff, indirect reporting garrison and tenant units. Develops policies, guidance and maintains oversight on the following areas of responsibility:

CIF - Central Issue Facilities

SSSC - Self Service Supply Center

CRP - Central Receiving Point

IPBO - Installation Property Book Offices

Non-Tactical Official Fuel Services

FLIPL - Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss

HMMP - Hazardous Material Management Program

HMRC - Hazardous Material Reuse Center

Office Furniture Management

  • Phone: DSN 546-6020
    Civ (0611) 143-546-6020

Central Issue Facility

The Central Issue Facility (CIF) provides OCIE authorized by CTA 50-900 and CTA 50-970 to all military personnel and selected DA Civilians (DAC) who are assigned or attached for duty to USAG Wiesbaden.

Soldiers can access their OCIE record at the AKO website: www.us.army.mil

You must be in Duty Uniform to clear CIF. PT uniform and coveralls are not duty uniforms. Exception: CID & DAC

OCIE to be turned in or exchanged (DX) must be clean, holes patched, buttons replaced, dirt and stains must be removed. Damage statements will not be accepted for organizational repairs. Unserviceable items will be turned in as is, there is no need to DX beforehand. OCIE can be permanently damaged if machine-washed or machine dried.

Shrinking, melting, and discoloration can occur causing the item to become unserviceable.

Quarter Master Laundry is in the same building and their service is free! For details call: DSN 546-6039\civ (0611)546-6039

  • Phone: DSN 546-6030

    Civ (0611)143-546-6030

    Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1039

    Email: usarmy.wiesbaden.405-afsb.list.dol-cif@mail.mil

Hazardous Materials Reuse Center

Phone: DSN 546-6045

Civ (0611)143-546-6045

Mainz-Kastel Storage Station, Bldg. 4025

Installation Property Book Office

The Installation Property Book Office (IPBO) is responsible for maintaining accountable records for all non-expendable and reportable expendable installation TDA, CTA, recreational property, leased equipment, and POL products/coupons in use by activities of the community authorized support by TDA, agreement or other official document.

  • Phone: DSN 546-6050

    Civ (0611)143-546-6050

    Mainz-Kastel Storage Station, Bldg. 4004

    Email: usarmy.wiesbaden.405-afsb.list.dol-ipbo@mail.mil


  • Phone: DSN 546-6070

    Civ (0611)143-546-6070

    Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1023W

Personal Property Processing Office

Outbound Section: Provides services for departing customers with permanent change of station (PCS), separation (ETS) or retirement orders. This section operates on an appointment system and customers must have his/her official orders to apply for shipment.

Inbound: Provides services for shipment arriving to Wiesbaden's area of responsibility. Newly arriving personnel who shipped property to the area should contract the inbound section immediately upon their arrival.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control: Monitors services provided by commercial carriers, agents, and contractors for the packing, loading, and shipment of personnel property.

Official Travel: Provides commercial travel (CTO/SATO) contract oversight and assists in interpretation of official travel entitlements.

  • Inbound: DSN 546-6082

    Civ (0611)143-546-6082

    Outbound: DSN 546-6080

    Civ (0611)143-546-6080

    Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1023W

    Email: usarmy.wiesbaden.405-afsb.list.dol-pppo@mail.mil

Motor Pool

The Transportation Motor Pool (TMP) manages and establishes policy for use of Army owned or leased Non-tactical vehicles (NTVs). Services include NTVs support, shuttle bus, general dispatch and GSA-leased vehicles.

  • Supervisor: DSN 548-7840

    Civ (0611)143-548-7840

    Admin: DSN 548-7808

    Civ (0611)143-548-7808

    Dispatch: DSN 548-1800

    Civ (0611)143-548-1800

    Mainz-Kastel Housing, TMP Bldg. 7514

    Email: usarmy.wiesbaden.405-afsb.list.dol-tmp@mail.mil

Driver's Training and Testing Station

Check out this Practice Test and Study Guide for the USAREUR driver's license exam and then call to make an appointment to take the test, preceded by a study review session. The exam is given on these days and times, by appointment only. Bring your CAC or dependent ID and $20 (credit card, check or money order--no cash).

Click here to review standard operating procedures for Driver's Training and Testing.

  • Phone: DSN 546-6076/77

    Civ (0611)143-546-6076/77

    Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1023W, Rm 324

    Email: usarmy.wiesbaden.405-afsb.list.dol-driver-testing@mail.mil

Official Travel

  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel/SATO Travel

    Phone: DSN 337-5046

    Civ (0611)977-340

    Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1023W

    Email: wiesbadenCTO@cwtsatotravel.com

    SATO Travel Emergency Assistance/
    En route travel:

  • COTR for Official Travel

    Phone: DSN 546-6071

    Civ (0611)143-548-6071

    Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1023W

  • Quality Control

    Phone: DSN 546-6090

    Civ (0611)143-548-6090

    Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 1023W, Rm 325