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Welcome to Wiesbaden!

About our community

  • Clay Kaserne housing communities are conveniently located in an access-controlled installation, about five miles from many off-post attractions such as the downtown area with shops, restaurants, parks, museums, malls and cafes.

    Clay Kaserne housing is for active duty and dependents only. Civilians should consult the off-post housing office for assistance.

  • Ammenities

    • Clay Kaserne apartment homes have new playgrounds and common areas for barbecueing outside. The fitness center and shoppette are within walking distance on the installation.

    Know before you go

    • Homes in Germany are smaller than homes in the U.S, on average. Arrangements to store items MUST be made before moving. If arrangements are not made for NTS before leaving, storage will not be paid for by the Army.

      Photos and descriptions on this page represent the average home assigned to Soldiers and their Families. The home you are assigned to may differ from the homes pictured. These photos and associated information are provided in order to give you some idea ahead of time of what to expect so that you may plan accordingly. Please contact the Housing office if you have questions.

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Photos of Clay Kaserne housing