Central Issue Facility Out-Processing

Central Processing Facility (CPF) will make your appointment to turn in your OCIE.

Call DSN: 337-7072 or Civ (0611) 705-7072 for information.

Required Documentation:

·         ID Card (Know your pin)

·         Copy of your reassignment orders, clearance papers

·         Adjustment document (Financial Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL), Statement of Charges, Cash Collection Voucher) for missing Equipment


Clothing Record:

The Clothing Record contains several columns such as Issuing CIF, Menu, Lin, Size, CIC Nomenclature, Partial NSN, Au Qty, PCS Trans and ETS Trans.

In Case of –


PCS turn in:

PCS Trans column  Y = Yes it is a Retained Issue Item= Keep until ETS

PCS Trans Column N = No it is not a Retained Issue Item = turn in

ETS turn in:

ETS Trans Column Y = Keep

ETS Trans Column N = turn in


Retained issue can be shipped through CIF. Requirements are two copies of orders, one padlock per bag that you want to ship. OCIE needs to be clean.