Transformation Update

The U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden is in the process of upgrading services offered to community members. As a result, the community is undergoing major physical transformation as evidenced by the construction areas throughout the community. The following information about construction events and activities taking place in the community will potentially impact traffic flow, parking availability or other community activities.
Date Transformation Activity Details
Nov.12-17 Road Closure: Between Dining Facility and Parking Garage The road between the dining facility and parking garage will be closed from Nov. 12-17 due to the emplacement of trash containers along the road.
Oct. 20 through Mid-November Washingtonstrasse blocked at Texasstrasse Starting on Monday, Oct. 20 and lasting for approximately four weeks, traffic will not be able to access Hainerberg Housing from B455 via Washingtonstrasse as the entry at Texasstrasse will be blocked due to construction to the new AAFES Exchange complex. Traffic will be able to access the portion of the street, but not allowed to go through. Traffic can continue to enter and exit the area from New York Strasse and Texasstrasse (near Hainerberg Chapel and the lodge) or New York Strasse and Washingtonstrasse (near the Hainerberg Shopping Complex entrance). Also note that there will be an increase in construction traffic transiting Hainerberg Housing area along Washingtonstrasse and Floridastrasse. Click here for more.
Sept. 1 to Dec. 1 Luftbrueckenstrasse — two lanes for inbound and outbound traffic Starting on Sept. 1 and running through approximately Dec. 1, Luftbrueckenstrasse will limited to one lane inbound and one lane outbound due to the installation of new heat lines to Clay Kaserne. Please use caution when travelling in this area. Thank you for your continued support during the community's transformation.
For more project information and maps, click on this link (CAC-enabled):
U.S. Army Europe Relocation Blog

Remember — Please keep youngsters away from construction sites. They are not play areas.

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