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To learn more about Child, Youth and School Services offers the area, visit CYSS Happenings and Information.

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Energy conservation is everyone's responsibility, with just a few small changes residents can have a large impact on conserving energy throughout the community.
In today's modern household almost all appliances and electrical devices come with a standby mode. When these devices are not in use but still in standby mode, they still draw electricity, which known as a "phantom load". Residents can eliminate these phantom loads by unplugging ...

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Community Notes

Register for AtHoc
AtHoc is the garrison's emergency management notification system. Learn how to register here.
Travel restrictions to Paris and France
United States European Command has implemented travel restrictions to France that apply to all DoD personnel. Specifically, unofficial travel to Paris is prohibited; and for those DoD personnel who desire to travel elsewhere in France it will require the approval of a general officer. Additionally, for those on official travel or emergency leave to Paris and elsewhere in France it will also require the approval of a general officer. This EUCOM policy applies to military personnel, DoD civilian employees, contractors and command-sponsored dependents and family members. These restrictions also apply to cruise ship shore excursions but do not apply to military personnel assigned to diplomatic posts in France and individuals who have commercial airline connections in the country and will not leave the secure portions of airport terminals. For more information, visit http://www.eucom.mil/.
Health Clinic closed Nov. 26-27
The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic will be closed Nov. 26-27 for the Training Holiday (Thanksgiving).
Some front door services closed Nov. 27, Dec. 11
Due to the upcoming holidays, the following front door services will be closed Nov. 27 and Dec. 11 from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Driver's Training & Testing, TMP, Installation Property Book, Central Issue Facility, Personal Property Processing Office and POV Inspection Point. For information on all others, call ahead.
CYSS closures
In order to recognize their exemplary results, Child, Youth and School Services, to include Child Development Centers, will enjoy a well-deserved day off Nov. 27 and Dec. 24. Arrangements should be made now for alternative care, which includes Family Childcare homes. For further information, visit Parent Central Services.
Canopy construction
A canopy to keep POND guards sheltered during the winter months is scheduled for construction at the Hainerberg ACP Nov. 26-27. Inbound and outbound lanes will be closed; incoming traffic can use the truck lane with existing canopy, and outgoing traffic uses the exit at the new PX.
VA visit
The Veterans Administration Overseas Military Service Coordinators will visit Wiesbaden Dec. 2 to discuss VA benefits, disability compensation claims, fiduciary and VA pensions. Contact Angela Allmon at mil 548-1323 or email angela.allmon@calibresys.com to schedule an appointment.
Next CIE Jan. 26
The next Community Information Exchange will be held Jan. 26 at 9:30 a.m. at the Community Activity Center on Clay Kaserne. Follow it live on the Garrison Wiesbaden Facebook page. Click here to read the latest Community Information Exchange slides.
“Army in Europe Regulation 190-16: Installation Access Control” requires sponsors to ensure any individuals they sign in are physically escorted at all times. Any signed-in person who is found without their sponsor will be immediately escorted off of the installation. The sponsor’s failure to follow the policy may lead to administrative actions such as suspension or revocation of the sponsor’s sign-in privileges and installation access. Read more of the policy at https://aepubs.army.mil/pdfpubs/AER190-16.pdf.
Recognize, report suspicious activity
Though Antiterrorism Awareness month has just passed, the responsibility of remaining vigilant continues daily. Remember the theme observed during August? “Recognizing and Reporting Suspicious Activity.” You’ve heard it said often before; “If you see something, say something.” Know who to call if you see something suspicious or to report a crime. To report suspicious activity,click on the iWatch/iSalute link in the center of the page (<—). To report an imminent threat or crime in progress, immediately contact the Military Police by dialing DSN 114 or civ (0611) 143-548-7777/7778/7779; or call Host Nation law enforcement by dialing commercially in Germany or Netherlands: 112; In Italy: 112 or 118; In Belgium: 112 or 101.
New Policy: Remote-Controlled Aircraft
The flight of remote-controlled aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles on any U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden installation is prohibited. This policy applies to all military members, Department of Defense employees, contractors, dependents, sponsored guests and host nation employees. Personnel should immediately report any RC aircraft or UAV flown on or near a USAG Wiesbaden installation to the military police station at (0611) 143-548-7777.
Crime prevention tips
Visit the Hessen Polizei home page for a look at several crime prevention tips which have been translated into English courtesy of their Public Affairs Office (click here).