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The Wiesbaden military community stays active and enjoys the sun of the summer months celebrating Army support services, playing in the park and the mud and more. Visit the Flickr photostream for more photos from around the community.

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Energy conservation is everyone's responsibility, with just a few small changes residents can have a large impact on conserving energy throughout the community.
In today's modern household almost all appliances and electrical devices come with a standby mode. When these devices are not in use but still in standby mode, they still draw electricity, which known as a "phantom load". Residents can eliminate these phantom loads by unplugging ...

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Community Notes

Increased airfield activity
Officials advised Clay Kaserne residents to be be aware that due to an ongoing multinational exercise involving some aircraft not normally stationed at Clay Kaserne Airfield, there will be increased activity on the airfield Friday, Sept. 19, from about 6 p.m. to midnight.
U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden will hold a full scale exercise Sept. 26 at Clay Kaserne from approximately 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Community members can expect traffic pattern changes, as much of the action related to the exercise will take place along Wheaton Ave. Parking near the library and Tony Bass Multi-Use Complex, and areas in conjunction to the site will be limited.
Access Road Construction, Sept. 18-19
Starting on Sept. 18 and running through Sept. 19, all vehicles entering and exiting Clay Kaserne will be routed along a temporary gravel road bypass near the entrance of the new Access Control Point. Directional signs and barriers will funnel traffic through this area. Please use caution when traveling in this area. Also note that the traffic circle at the main access gate will be narrowed due to construction. Vehicle access will not be hindered.
New DPW Customer Service number
The Directorate of Public Works Customer Service Center will have a new telephone number starting Sept. 19. The new number is 548-4357 (HELP).
Submit AFAP issues for FY 2015 Conference
"Do you have an idea on how to improve a program? Have an issue to submit? Click here to enter an issue into the fiscal year 2015 USAG Wiesbaden AFAP Conference (Oct. 15 & 16 )."
Annual Winter Driving Training
All Soldiers, and civilian, local nation and DoD employees and authorized volunteers must complete the required Winter Drivers Orientation. The training period is from Sept. 16 to Oct. 31. Unit should report training statistics to the Driver Testing and Training Station, 405th Army Field Support Brigade, Logistics Readiness Center. The following options are available to complete the annual training requirements:
Option 1: Classroom training will be provided by appointment ONLY. There will be two training sessions – 1 p.m. for LNs and 2 p.m. for DoD civilian employees -- every Tuesday. The classroom has a capacity for 25 people.
Option 2: Units and directorates can conduct their own training; DTTS can provide a CD and stamp for sign out (limited sets are available).
Note: Soldiers and civilians (Local National, DoD employees and authorized volunteers) who are Non-Tactical Vehicle operators and have not complied with the mandatory training will not be authorized to dispatch or operate an NTV in this garrison, beginning Nov. 1, 2014. Once requirements have been completed the Soldiers and civilians will be allowed to resume NTV operations. DTTS is located in Clay Kaserne, Building 1023W, Third Floor, Room 324. Points of contact are Hans-Peter Moosberger or Maksudul Alam at mil 546-6076/6077 or civ (0611) 143-546-6076/6077.
Threat Awareness training Sept. 18
Quarterly community-level Threat Awareness and Reporting Procedures briefings will be held Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Tony Bass Auditorium. The TARP training is an annual requirement for all Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians and contractors as per Army Regulation 381-12. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to sign in.
Recognize, report suspicious activity
Though Antiterrorism Awareness month has just passed, the responsibility of remaining vigilant continues daily. Remember the theme observed during August? “Recognizing and Reporting Suspicious Activity.” You’ve heard it said often before; “If you see something, say something.” Know who to call if you see something suspicious or to report a crime. To report suspicious activity,click on the iWatch/iSalute link in the center of the page (<—). To report an imminent threat or crime in progress, immediately contact the Military Police by dialing DSN 114 or civ (0611) 143-548-7777/7778/7779; or call Host Nation law enforcement by dialing commercially in Germany or Netherlands: 112; In Italy: 112 or 118; In Belgium: 112 or 101.
Community Information Briefing
The next Community Information Briefing will be held Sept. 30 at the Community Activity Center on Clay Kaserne. Click here to read the latest Community Information Briefing slides
Rabbit advisory
If you see a rabbit that has visible puffiness around the eyes and appears fatigued (won't run when you approach it), then they may be sick with a virus called Myxomotosis. Rabbits that become infected by the myxoma virus develop skin tumors followed by fatigue, fever, and panting and usually die within 14 days. The virus is rabbit-specific and does not pose a danger to humans (or cats/dogs); however, as with any wild animal, contact should be avoided. If you notice a rabbit displaying symptoms of being sick, contact the Directorate of Public Works Customer Service at civ (0611) 705-9999.
Luftbrueckenstrasse Construction
Starting on Sept. 1 and running through Oct. 15, Luftbrueckenstrasse will limited to one lane inbound and one lane outbound due to the installation of new heat lines to Clay Kaserne. Please use caution when travelling in this area. Thank you for your continued support during the community's transformation.
Bus patrons should be advised that the Wiesbaden community shuttle bus operated by the 405th Logistics Readiness Center will have a cancellation of routes INDEFINITELY during August. See the attached graphic or Click here for more information.
Advisory: Designated PT Areas
Beginning July 1, areas of Clay Kaserne and the airfield will be designated as physical training areas for Wiesbaden units and will be closed to vehicle traffic from 6:30-7:30 a.m. Units are advised that the yellow area is the only place on Clay Kaserne (south of the airfield) that units can conduct physical readiness training formations. Units are not authorized to conduct PRT formations outside of this area on Clay Kaserne (south of the airfield). Units can conduct PRT formations at any safe area on the north side of the airfield on Clay Kaserne. Drivers should be advised to note their time of arrival to the installation, as it may require parking farther from places of work.Personnel found violating the PRT area restrictions will be issued a warning by the MPs until July 11. Beginning July 14, personnel violating the PRT area restrictions will be ticketed by the Military Police.
Crime prevention tips
Visit the Hessen Polizei home page for a look at several crime prevention tips which have been translated into English courtesy of their Public Affairs Office (click here).