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Energy conservation is everyone's responsibility, with just a few small changes residents can have a large impact on conserving energy throughout the community.
In today's modern household almost all appliances and electrical devices come with a standby mode. When these devices are not in use but still in standby mode, they still draw electricity, which known as a "phantom load". Residents can eliminate these phantom loads by unplugging ...

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Community Notes

Army Family Action Plan
Voice your opinions and be an agent of change at the Army Family Action Plan conference Oct. 15-16; register with ACS by Oct. 1. Volunteers are also needed for the event. Submit your concerns through the form posted under Useful Links, or visit www.myarmyonesource.com, hover over Family Programs and Services and find the Army Family Action Plan Issue Management System (you will have to sign in or create an account, but you may still submit an issue anonymously, if desired. Call ACS at DSN 548-9201 or civ (0611) 143-548-9201 for more information.
Clay Kaserne ACP safety message
There continues to be a problem with vehicles striking the drop arms or the drop arms striking vehicles at the Clay Kaserne Access Control Point. These incidents are avoidable and only happen because either the driver fails to stop for the red light at the drop arm, or because the driver is speeding through the ACP and fails to stop for the red light at the drop arm. The drop arms are tied to sensors and are programmed so that the traffic light will turn red before the drop arm starts moving. Once the light turns red the cycle cannot be interrupted and the drop arm will go down, regardless if there is a vehicle in the way. The drop arm cycle will not start if the light is green and vehicles are continuously passing over the sensor. The two most common causes of these incidents are either drivers not paying attention and continuing through the ACP once the light has turned red, or personnel driving through the ACP in excess of the 30 kph posted speed limit who do not have time to react to the red light and drop arm. If you do happen to hit the drop arm with your vehicle or the drop arm hits your vehicle, this is a traffic accident and Army in Europe Regulation 190-1 requires you to immediately notify the military police. Failure to do so and leaving the scene could result in being titled with Fleeing the Scene of a Traffic Accident, which would result in six points being assessed to your USAREUR license on top of the four points for failure to obey a traffic regulating device. Accumulation of 12 points on your license within one year of 18 points within two years will result in a 180 day suspension of your license.
Retiree Appreciation Day Oct. 31
The garrison hosts an Army in Europe Retiree Appreciation Day Oct. 31 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Community Activity Center. Agency subject matter experts will be on site to provide assistance with pay inquiries, customs, postal service, military ID cards and additional service. For more information contact Jodi Motszko at civ (0611) 143-548-1614 or jodi.k.motszko.civ@mail.mil.
New permanent bus stop at Clay Kaserne
Starting Monday, Sept. 14, a new permanent ESWE bus stop will be in operation near the old Main Gate. Bus riders can enter Clay Kaserne via the pedestrian gate on Weberstrasse. In addition, the temporary bus stop near the ACP will cease to function.
Health Clinic closed Oct. 9 and 12
The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic will be closed Oct. 9 and 12 for the training holiday.
Texasstrasse one-way starting Aug. 31
Starting Monday, Aug. 31, Texasstrasse on Hainerberg will return to being a one-way street. Please observe all traffic signs and drive safely. In addition, since school begins Aug. 31 please keep an eye out for children as they make their way to and from school.
School bus safety
School begins Aug. 31, and it's important everyone does their part to make sure students stay safe. Here are five basic rules that can help prevent accidents and injuries: 1) Be on time. Walk, do not run to the bus stop. 2) When waiting for the bus, take at least three large steps away from the curb. 3) Take your seat on the bus and stay in it while the bus is moving. If there are seat belts, buckle up. 4) When getting off the bus, take three large steps away from the curb and wait for the bus to depart before crossing the street. 5) Never cross the street in front of or behind the bus.
Neighborhood Watch
USAG Wiesbaden Directorate of Emergency Services is seeking captains, one primary and one alternate, for each housing area to serve as head Neighborhood Watch Captain for DES' new Neighborhood Watch and Crime Prevention program. Members will be encouraged to report criminal activity to authorities. For more information, contact Staff Sgt. Nickolas Bryant at mil 548-6070 or civ (0611) 143-548-6070 or email nickolas.d.bryant@mail.mil.
Parking Garage West open
The lower level of the new Parking Garage West on Clay Kaserne is now open. The upper level is closed until further notice.
Community Information Exchange Sept. 30
The next Community Information Exchange will be held Sept. 30 at 9:30 a.m. at the Community Activity Center on Clay Kaserne. Follow it live on the Garrison Wiesbaden Facebook page. Click here to read the latest Community Information Exchange slides.
“Army in Europe Regulation 190-16: Installation Access Control” requires sponsors to ensure any individuals they sign in are physically escorted at all times. Any signed-in person who is found without their sponsor will be immediately escorted off of the installation. The sponsor’s failure to follow the policy may lead to administrative actions such as suspension or revocation of the sponsor’s sign-in privileges and installation access. Read more of the policy at https://aepubs.army.mil/pdfpubs/AER190-16.pdf.
Recognize, report suspicious activity
Though Antiterrorism Awareness month has just passed, the responsibility of remaining vigilant continues daily. Remember the theme observed during August? “Recognizing and Reporting Suspicious Activity.” You’ve heard it said often before; “If you see something, say something.” Know who to call if you see something suspicious or to report a crime. To report suspicious activity,click on the iWatch/iSalute link in the center of the page (<—). To report an imminent threat or crime in progress, immediately contact the Military Police by dialing DSN 114 or civ (0611) 143-548-7777/7778/7779; or call Host Nation law enforcement by dialing commercially in Germany or Netherlands: 112; In Italy: 112 or 118; In Belgium: 112 or 101.
New Policy: Remote-Controlled Aircraft
The flight of remote-controlled aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicles on any U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden installation is prohibited. This policy applies to all military members, Department of Defense employees, contractors, dependents, sponsored guests and host nation employees. Personnel should immediately report any RC aircraft or UAV flown on or near a USAG Wiesbaden installation to the military police station at (0611) 143-548-7777.
Crime prevention tips
Visit the Hessen Polizei home page for a look at several crime prevention tips which have been translated into English courtesy of their Public Affairs Office (click here).