Survivor Outreach Services

Many times, after the loss of a Soldier, unresolved issues or questions come up long after the Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO) has concluded his or her duties. In addition to the grief the Family will suffer, they may also be faced with issues and questions built around the life of an Army Family.

Those left behind often:

  • Wonder if there is anyone out there that understands
  • Need local resources for support
  • Want reliable information about programs, services and benefits available to them, but aren't sure where to go or how to find them

In keeping with the Army's commitment to its Soldiers, the SOS delivers on that commitment by providing dedicated and comprehensive support to Surviving Families who have lost a Soldier. The SOS can provide support, information and services as long as is needed.

Program Support Coordinators are on hand to:

  • Meet in person with Surviving Families
  • Listen with compassion and offer reassurance
  • Provide information and referral to appropriate resources
  • Ensure Surviving Families receive all benefits to which they are entitled
  • Encourage our Surviving Families to remain an integral part of the Army Family for as long as they desire

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    Contact Info

  • SOS Support Coordinator
    Hainerberg Housing
    Building 7790

  • DSN: 548-9201
    CIV: (0611) 143-548-9201
            (0611) 143-548-9202

  • Domestic Violence Hotline
  • Sexual Assault Hotline

  • Military & Family Life Consultant

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