In-/Out-Processing Training Center

The Central Processing Facility, and the In-processing Training Center are responsible, and dedicated to the in & out processing of all permanent-party Soldiers to and from the Wiesbaden Military Community. We operate under the requirements outlined in Army in Europe Regulation 612-1 (Community Central In-Out Processing).

The Central Processing Facility Staff is here to assist you in making a smooth transition. Your sponsor will assist you with in-processing and should be able to answer some of your questions.

You will need the following documentation while in processing:

Remember: In processing becomes your place of duty while you're going through the process. Community policy and Army regulations require you to wear your duty uniform.

What you will need when reporting to the CPF

  1. ♦ Assignment orders with amendments or DA Form 4187 for no cost move (4 copies)
  2. ♦ Approved DA Form 31 (Request for Leave)
  3. ♦ Education, Dental, and Medical Records
  4. ♦ Military Personnel Records (DA Form 201), or other related forms and documents
  5. ♦ Finance Files and Travel receipts (to include plane tickets, etc)
  6. ♦ DA Form 5888 (Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet), if on Deferred Travel to in process the Personnel Section
  7. ♦ DD Form 788 (POV Shipment Document)

Patriot Express


All PCS travel in Germany must be arranged to ensure travelers arrive at Ramstein Airbase. Garrison reassignments offices, commercial travel agencies, or Soldiers arranging their own travel, must ensure all travel is scheduled via military chartered airlift (Patriot Express). Flights are from Baltimore, Washington International Airport for arrival at Ramstein Airbase, Monday through Friday only. Scheduling of weekend and federal holiday arrivals is strictly prohibited. All soldiers executing an approved in-country leave must report to the Ramstein Gateway Reception Center (RGRC) front desk by 8 a.m. on the day of conclusion of their leave. Arriving soldiers and families can expect serious delays in-processing and arrangement of travel to their community of assignment should any circumstances result in PCS arrivals to a commercial airport in Germany. Personnel arriving to a commercial airport in Germany should contact the RGRC at +49 (0)152-0907-3138 for transportation. Click here for additional information on the Patriot Express and the RGRC.  Additional links may be found at the bottom of this page.

Arrival Day

Arrival day is referred to as (A Day) or "Day 0". The S-Bus first stops at Wiesbaden Army Airfield and single and unaccompanied soldiers will be met and picked up by their unit sponsors and provided with a barracks room. Soldiers with accompanied families will be taken to the American Arms Hotel by their sponsors and checked into the hotel.
The Following duty day (A+1) or “Day 1” Soldiers will report to their assigned Units to initialize unit level in-processing. Soldiers should receive the Community Mailing address (CMR).
On  (A+2) or "Day 2" soldiers will report in military uniform to the Welcome Center at 0750. Soldiers residing at the Wiesbaden Lodge will take the Shuttle bus or have their sponsor bring them to the Welcome Center. A briefing will be given by the ITC Staff, Training Schedules issued and Travel Vouches will be completed by Finance, followed by a housing briefing for accompanied Soldiers.
The next day (A+3) or "Day 3" the soldier and hopefully the Spouse (strongly encouraged) will return to the Welcome Center for appointments with Personnel Service and Transportation.  
During the next ten days the soldier will be scheduled to attend In processing Training Center (ITC) classes (drug & alcohol, Equal opportunity, Commander’s Welcome, medical and dental in processing, receive TA-50, etc) Spouses may attend any portion of training on a space available basis here at the Welcome Center, spouses are also welcome to attend the Driver Orientation and Testing on Thursdays, on a space available basis, if there are no vacancies spouses may make an appointment for with the drivers testing office at their convenience.  Additionally, there is no child care available during the classes or testing in this facility.

Driver's Testing Preparation

Get a head-start on studying for the driver's test, click here for the drivers manual.

German Headstart Program

A three-day German Head-start Program is available for all Soldiers. Spouses are encouraged to attend and are scheduled on a space-available basis. Child care is not provided at this facility as well, but teen age children are permitted to attend. Head-start is frequently mentioned as the most enjoyable part of in-processing. The class teaches you some basic German, how to read train, and bus schedules, how to order in a restaurant, and the highlight is a trip to the city of Mainz.

Arriving with Pets?

If you are arriving with pets, Click here to download the In-processing Packet.

For more facts about your transition to USAG Wiesbaden visit: MilitaryHOMEFRONT.

The bulk of your information regarding out-processing is available at the Online Levy Brief SharePoint site. This site can only be accessed from a computer system within the US Army Europe Network.

  • Contact Info

  • Welcome Center
  • Clay Kaserne Building 1023W

  • Central Processing Center
  • Clay Kaserne Building 1023E
  • DSN: 548-1610
  • CIV: (0611) 143-548-1610

  • In-Processing Training Center
  • Clay Kaserne Building 1023W
  • DSN: 548-1611
  • CIV: (0611) 143-548-1611

  • Email:usarmy.wiesbaden.imcom.

  • Hours
  • Monday-Friday
    7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Closed for lunch,
    11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.