Local School Options

The Department of Defense Dependents Schools provide a high-quality education to the children of military and civilian personnel stationed in the Wiesbaden and nearby communities.

Schools in the Wiesbaden area include:

All the schools offer a full range of academic courses and activities for students. There are host nation classes that teach the language and customs of Germany and often go on study trips to local sites of interest in conjunction with their curriculum standards and the study of the host nation and culture. For more information about curriculum and activities, contact the school.

When registering your child, you will need previous school records, shot records, a copy of your orders, and birth certificate or passport.

A free or reduced price lunch program is available for eligible families. Information can be found here. Applications are available at the school or click here to download a copy of the form. All parents are welcomed and encouraged to join the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) and School Advisory Committee (SAC). All our schools are visited regularly and accredited by the AdvancEd Accreditation Association.

Home Schooling

The Department of Defense Education Activity policy neither encourages nor discourages home schooling. DoDEA however does recognize that home schooling is a sponsor's right and that home schooling can be a legitimate alternative form of education for the sponsor's dependents.

Things to know regarding DoDEA Home Schooling policy:

  • DoDEA schools, Child and Youth Services, and other community resources provide services for sponsors choosing to home school their minor dependents
  • Specified auxiliary services with DoDEA such as music, sports, extracurricular and inter scholastic activities are available within existing regulations and policies
  • Numerous home school organizations and resources are available on the Internet
  • Contact the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden School Liaison Officer or Child and Youth Services for additional information

The complete Home School policy memorandum and frequently asked questions about home schooling is available at DoDEA web site at www.eu.dodea.edu.

School Support Services

More school information available through the School Support Services from Child, Youth and School Services the School Liaison Officer.

German schools

Looking for a German-speaking school for your child? Check this listing of Wiesbaden schools at the following link:


Mentors Needed

Help inspire a student to reach his or her scholastic and personal goals. All Wiesbaden schools need mentors. For more information contact the school liaison officer at mil 335‑5129, civ (0611) 705‑5129.

Post secondary preparation opportunities

Pursuing a career, understanding graduation requirements, taking SAT and ACT tests, picking a college, applying to for college, finding scholarships and student loans all present special challenges for students based overseas. Each concern however, taken one at a time and at the appropriate time can be managed. Planning ahead and starting early are essential to successful transition toward college and career goals.

There are many choices to make between middle school and high school and numerous resources are available to help. Guidance counselors, teachers, parents, mentors, pastors, friends, all may provide assistance. Consider what you want your future to look like and make plans to get there. Not sure how your interests relate to jobs? Several surveys and questionnaires exist to match interests, aptitudes to vocational careers.

Start early, plan to take SAT and ACT tests not later than your junior year (earlier testing may be beneficial in many situations). Begin researching, grants, scholarships, loans, college selection and application issues well before your senior year. The following are a few ideas for your search for post secondary school opportunities.

Use multiple search engines. Each search engine scans only a portion of the information available on the internet. Search engines include Google, Alta Vista, Dogpile and others. You can actually search on the term "search engines" to find additional or specialty search engines and to find additional information.

Also, vary the terms you are using. Searches may be described multiple ways. For example, search under "scholarships," "grants," "financial aid," or "money for college." Each term will uncover different information, and look for ways to help pay for college.

Chart Your Course for Success, Contact your school counselor or school liaison officer.

Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS)

The goal of EDIS is to make sure that all children are ready to learn when they reach school age by providing services and support to eligible families who have concerns about their child's development. EDIS coordinators work with parents to identify the services and resources needed to make the most of their children's strengths and abilities.Do you have questions about how your child eats, sleeps, behaves, moves, talks, sleeps or lays? Call EDIS for an appointment. Free Hearing Assessment!For children four to 36-months-old. Any child, birth to three years old, who would be eligible for a tuition-free education in a Department of Defense school if they were school age and has a confirmed or suspected developmental delay or has a medical condition that places the child at risk for developmental delay is eligible for EDIS. EDIS provides assessment, counseling, diagnostic medical services, early identification, family training, home visits, medical and nursing services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological services, speech and language therapy, and social work services. EDIS is located in Clay Kaserne Building 1526. Call mil 337‑6662 or civ (0611) 705‑6662.

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