Army Wellness Center Wiesbaden


Army Wellness Centers provide integrated and standardized primary prevention programs and services that promote enhanced and sustained healthy lifestyles to improve the overall well-being of Soldiers and Family Members.


Eligible Clients

We provide services to all active duty personnel, their dependents over the age of 18, retirees, and DOD civilians located in the Wiesbaden Military Community.


Mandatory Health Assessment Questionaire

The assessment questionnaire will allow our educators assist you in setting and reaching your goals. This MUST be filled out prior to your appointment. Click the following link below to access the questionnaire: (You will need an AKO username and password to log in to the site).

Note: Follow the instructions carefully, answer each question, and update any information that is not current, and click "continue" until you reach the end of the survey. If you are having trouble accessing the SFT, please come 20 minutes early to your appointment to fill out a hard copy.

Available Programs

Weight Management — Metabolic testing is available to assess your daily caloric needs. The test measures your resting metabolic rate which helps you set realistic goals for weight loss, weight gain, fat loss or maintenance. A biometric measurement of your body fat, blood pressure, waist circumference, weight, and resting heart rate is also included.

Metabolic Testing Information

Fitness Assessment — State-of-the-art-equipment is used to assess your cardio-respiratory fitness (VO2), muscular strength (grip and back), and flexibility. After testing, clients will receive a comprehensive report that shows their current fitness levels as well as an individualized exercise prescription to help them reach your goals. A biometric measurement of your body fat, blood pressure, waist circumference, weight, and resting heart rate is also included.

Fitness Testing Information

Wellness Coaching — These sessions (available weekly, bi-weekly/monthly) are designed to keep you accountable, motivated, and on target to reach your goals. Biometric measurements (e.g. body fat, weight, heart rate, etc.) are optional during coaching. Remember it’s not about losing weight or becoming fitter, it’s about a lifestyle change.

Biofeedback (Coming Soon!) — Stress can affect our everyday lives. Whether it stems from a recent or upcoming deployment, training, work, school, or life’s hurdles; we can help you develop a plan to relieve stress and improve their well-being. Using biofeedback, we teach breathing and relaxation techniques to improve a client's ability to relax and control their emotional state and improve overall focus. This is not a replacement for therapy, but a tool to help you manage your own emotions and physiology.

Also, we have two state-of-the-art massage chairs available during hours of operation to all members of the community.


  • Clay Kaserne
    Building 1201
    (Above the WTU)


  • Monday-Friday:
    7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Closed for Lunch:
    Noon to 1 p.m.
    Services are by appointment only