Community Sponsorship Program

Dear Newcomer,

Welcome and congratulations on your assignment to Deutschland and the beautiful city of Wiesbaden, Germany. It is a wonderful place to live and work. If this is not your first tour in Germany, then welcome back and hopefully you will find Germany and Europe has only gotten better since the last time you were here. I am sure you will find your assignment to be challenging yet professionally and personally rewarding. Your permanent change of station move starts long before your arrival with lots of planning. A "sponsor" can help ease stress associated with your transition by answering relevant questions and concerns and making arrangements prior to your arrival. Search the appropriate tabs below to request a sponsor. Also, like Garrison Wiesbaden on Facebook, and periodically visit the community website's homepage, to get access to lots of information prior to your arrival. Again, congratulations and welcome to Wiesbaden, your home in Germany!

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Soldier Sponsorship

Request a Sponsor

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Sponsorship questions or concerns

Phone — DSN: (314) 337-5009   CIV: (0611) 705-5009
   From the U.S.: 011 49 611 705-5009

Spouse Sponsorship

Why Spouses Choose To Have Sponsors

PCSing is a huge undertaking, especially when you are moving from CONUS to OCONUS. Moving overseas can present unique challenges that may generate many questions. This is where the Spouse Sponsorship Program comes in. ...

Sponsorship questions or concerns


PhoneDSN: (314) 335-5234   Civ: (0611) 4080-234
   From the U.S.: 011 49 611 4080-234

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Youth Sponsorship

Why Youths Choose to Have Sponsors

Link up with a local youth to learn about your family's new assignment.
Your stay in Wiesbaden is likely to become the best place you ever lived while growing up.

Request a Sponsor

Download and fill in the Youth Sponsorship Request Form and submit to the email below.

PhoneDSN: (314) 335-5129   Civ: (0611) 4080-129
   From the U.S.: 011 49 611 4080-129

Civilian Sponsorship

Even Civilians Should Have Sponsors

Just because you are not military doesn't mean there won't be questions or concerns about your transition to your new assignment. Civilians are encouraged to request a sponsor to ease the anxieties associated with relocation.

Request a Sponsor:

Appropriated Funds and Local National Programs
DSN: 337-1630 or Civ: (0611) 705-1430

Non-Appropriated Funds
DSN: 337-1630 or Civ: (0611) 705-1630